What Is Deck Function?

When it comes to deck building it is important to consider deck function. You may ask, what is deck function? A properly designed deck should consider all the ways a deck is going to be used: from a family get-together to a cocktail party with friends to a quiet night sitting around a fire pit, gazing at stars with a cocktail and cigar…. Different gatherings; different needs. That’s why it’s important to consider deck function.

The proper function of a deck design will utilize all the custom deck features provided by a deck manufacturer or custom deck builder like Dream Decks. Professional deck builders like Dream Decks will take the time to understand your deck usage needs and then have the the knowledge to match product options to usage needs. Half the battle to understanding deck function is knowing what deck options are available, and Dream Deck has the experience and knowledge to go over all the latest product options.

How does deck function relate to your cocktail party? If you feel that a drinking deck is important to your deck design, you are right.  It may sound simple but your deck should have flat railings vs rounded railings for setting down drinks. The deck building team at Dream Deck design takes the time to understand your primary deck usage before designing your dream deck.  Through a simple question-and-answer meeting we will provide a deck design concept with a free estimate so you can understand how to build the perfect deck.

Call Rich at: 1-800-63-Deck to set up a free deck concept meeting that will consider all your deck function needs. By the way, does your deck have a bump-out grill station that will save cost while adding more square footage space for foot traffic?

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